Another Day Another Fight.

Blog 3….

I thought I might try write a post during the day rather then the night. Why? Night time is pain time at its most severe.

If you know anyone that suffers from Chronic Pain whether it be associated with another illness or whether it be an illness all on its own you should pass this onto them.  The reason I ask you to pass this on is that I bet they can sit there reading this agreeing with what I’m saying.

With a lot of Chronic Pain SUFFERERS you can’t visually see it, mine is my neck so if your sitting down talking to me you won’t notice it until you notice I continuely change my sitting position. Lower back pain you don’t notice anything until they try to bend, sit etc and sometimes even then you won’t see it. So it’s so hard for sufferers to explain to you that they are really suffering. You break a leg arm etc you limp or a cast is put on it or your given a wheelchair or crunchers or a sling, but Chronic Pain the fight is going on underneith.

It’s horrible when there is no visual signs of how much your suffering, I lay down most of the day but when I do go out shopping with my family I just walk a little slower then I would do normally and lay down in the car until I’m either feeling better or we go home.

Last weekend we wanted to get our Xmas shopping over and done with so we went to one of the main shopping centres in Newcastle, usually I wouldn’t go as I’m asking for trouble or I end up wrecking it for everyone but I really wanted to get out of the house and do something with my family. After 30 minutes I felt awful. I was struggling to hold my head up and my shoulders were aching, nine times out of ten I will suffer for a few days with a severe Migraine as that’s the endgame of the pain for me. All my upper body muscles including my head are aggravated and I spent two days in bed suffering from severe pain and a even worse migraine. Luckily I have a great family network, my sister and mother in law took our daughter for those days I was ill. A Big Thanks to them 😉 We would be lost without them. S01E03


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