The Beginning Continued


Blog post 2

It might take me awhile to get away from the beginning as a lot happened in that time. My world changed and trying to fit how, what, where and when in a blog is going to be quite difficult.

Ooooops I forgot to mention I’ve never read a blog and this is my first attempt so hahahaha to me.S

After the incident I tried everyday during my morning before work, lunch breaks and after work to get what was wrong with my neck fixed. But all I could do was drive to pick up my X-rays, CT Scans and bone scans from the specialist and hand deliver to the Doctor so it didn’t take an additional week in the post. Then came the disappointment of waiting up to five to six weeks for a specialist appointment. Then after three months I finally get told that I have a couple of slipped discs and the possibility of a disc fragment in my spinal canal.

Fortunatly they ruled out the disc fragment possibility but due to the time it took for them to get it done my muscles and ligaments that were damaged reattaching themselves in slightly different spots. Bring on the neck Chinese Burn every time I move my head.

As time went by I started making adjustments to my work space so I still could competently do my job ( Which I Loved BTW ) but this got funky. I ended up taking my swag to work and moved a computer screen so I could see it laying down and I typed with the keyboard on my chest. But I had to have a lookout so that when my boss was coming I could quickly rearrange my desk so he didn’t find out. I seriously wanted to keep my job.

I did this very well for a month or two till I couldn’t move that well anymore. By this time the pain was so intense I couldn’t concentrate and my boss caught me working from the ground. My boss was awesome not the most typical of bosses which made him a great man to work for. On that note Thanks Mick. He tried everything to help me including rocking up some weekends to offer mowing my yard including helping else where around the house. Tell me what boss does this right? Even with all the help from him and work mates I just wasn’t getting better. My pain medication was increasing and my lifestyle was shrinking. I don’t fish nor play any sports and struggle to push a trolley around but im a dad and a husband I have to push through the pain sometimes even if it’s only to see them smile. To conclude this post I’d like to thanks my family, work mates and friends who have adjusted there lives to keep me in it. It means a lot to me.

Injured ¬†late May 10 and was medically unfit to do my duties as a soldier¬†in December 10. It’s out there now I was a Soldier in the Australian Army and I loved it. It took an additional 18 months of trying to get better before I was permanently Discharged mid 2012.

Its mid 2015 and I can’t remember the feeling of knowing the next day I could do something. Now I can’t say yes to a function or a gathering as I won’t know till the hours leading up to the event that I can go.

I’m trying to keep going some hobbies that I like, using seeds from a seed bank I grow seedlings for who ever needs them to plant in there yard or farms. Mostly Australian native trees though. This is all done from a controlled environment so I can do a little bit at a time.

As they say in TV episodes this is Season one Episode two. Or S01E02

Any comments are welcome.