Pain, Depression and Living. The Beginning.

HI┬ámy name is Craig and this is my LIFE. The people that know me live my life with me and as hard as it is to try and keep them away from what has now became my GRIND to survive it’s not that easy.

Spelling ,Grammar ETC will probably get you thinking “What The………” So I appolagise now.

Living was what I was doing prior to my neck injury, a great Job, in fact the perfect job the perfect wife and living in the best city in Australia “Newcastle”. Everyday was fantastic with obviously a few bad ones kicked in but hey who dosnt have those Right? Fishing straight after work throw a line in for an hour or two then home to prepare dinner for when my lovely wife comes home. Weekending to our families in the upper New South Wales area and I have to say my family is pretty awesome. I have parents that will do absolutely anything for us kids even though there divorced. My wife’s family are just as great. Wow did I just say I have great Inlaws YES that’s right I did. I have grown up with my wife and her family travelling the country side BMXing and even though there were 10 years of our families going there seperate ways my wife and I managed to meet back up. DESTINY Thanks Facebook lol.

Our two families lived an hour apart in two country towns.

Anyway enough on how perfect things were before this crap happened but let me try and put this to you in a short paragraph as much as I would to talk about the accident it gets me a bit angry so dwelling is not what I’m here to talk about. Doing exercise with work as part of our morning routine and BAM my hand slips while doing body raises as my body is falling I regain my grip on the bar and whip goes my neck. There it is not even a metre above the ground ankles touching the ground and your life goes down the Drain.

“Normal” What does that mean to you? To me Normal means getting out of bed in the morning and only having the feeling of still being tired because I didn’t go to bed early enough, but now my Normal means that getting out of bed inbetween 12am – 7am to get in a boiling hot shower due to the most incredible pain you could feel. Try and think of how a toothpick feels trying to hold up a watermelon? A neck holding a head ok not the best explanation but I’ll try another get yourself in a push-up position and go down half way and hold it there your not allowed to drop to your stomach when your arms are shaking and hurting you must at all cost retain that position. That’s what my neck goes through just to hold my head up unassisted. Now about the Level of pain I’m in when I wake up in the early hours it hurts it hurts so much I can’t think I can’t cry I can’t talk I can’t feel any other thing except pain. Curled up in a ball on the shower floor trying to put my neck in a position to get even the most slight relief. This is my “NORMAL” Luckily I have ready my medication in a small water proof container with a bottle of water right next to it. The time in the shower varies from 45 minutes up to Four hours. This is my New Normal morning routine. And this all happens before my wife and daughter wake up. End Session- More to follow. Published 8 August 2015.